Lean To shed roofs develop an interesting problem as they get larger. If the roof pitch is very steep at all then it will rise to a height that becomes unsightly. Some may say it is ugly. This "ugly" design is most often avoided by installing a low slope roof to keep the rise of the roof at a minimum. The problem with low slope roofs is that they are more likely to leak because of the water does not run off them as fast as when they are built with steeper pitches.

Before you build a lean to shed it is wise to get a better understanding of the different roofing materials and how they can be used to cover your lean to shed without the fear of a leaks.

Asphalt Shingle

The three tab asphalt shingle is arguably the most popular
roofing material because of its low cost and relative good looks for the cost. Asphalt shingles typically have a minimum slope rating of 4 in 12. This means that for every 12 inches of horizontal distance across the shed the roof will rise 4 inches. This slope works well for sheds that are fairly narrow, like 4 to 6 feet, but for sheds that are 8' or wider the shed roof becomes unsightly high. For instance if the top of the wall starts at 8 feet high it will be almost 11 feet high on the high side of the shed.


Metal roofing comes in various profiles and each profile is rated for a different roof slope. The profile is the way the bends are made in the metal pieces to both give the roofing rigidity and allow it to be installed and connected to adjacent pieces without leaking.

Solutions for Lean To Sheds

Both the asphalt shingles and metal roofs can be installed on a low slope lean to shed roof if the proper product is used and it is installed properly. Regular asphalt shingles that are rated for 4 in 12 roof slopes can be installed on lower slope roofs by simply installing a waterproof membrane under them. This membrane can be a self adhering base sheet or a mineral surface roll
roofing. These roll products create a waterproof layer that the asphalt shingles are installed on top of. One of the best metal roof profiles that is designed for use on low slope roofs is the PBR profile. Different manufactures have different ratings for the PBR design but most are around 1 in 12. It is a commercial rated roofing panel and works well for lean to shed roofs.

Lean To Shed Roof Design

Designing a lean to shed so that it can work with either a low slope metal panel or a modified asphalt shingle installation is done by making the slope 2 in 12. This allow the builder to install either panel no matter what the choice of roofing material is.

Using one of these two materials and application techniques will allow you to have a lean to shed and keep the roof height down so your neighbors don't wonder where the sun went. By understanding how lean to shed plans can detail the proper design to facilitate a low slope material installation you will be able to build a shed that is both pleasing to look at and very functional.

Commercial roof repair is a significant investment, one that typically includes a few repair bills over several years. If you are installing a new one, it is important to realize that some roofing problems are preventable, while others result from age and environmental factors. To help you plan for the maintenance of your building's roof, below is a list of the most common reasons why you can experience problems:

Poor Maintenance

When a roof is not maintained according to the specifications of the contractor, the quality of its materials gradually declines. Roof maintenance does require a regular financial investment, but not maintaining it could lead to more expensive repairs, and could necessitate a costly replacement. Immediately following an installation, the building owner should establish a maintenance contract to have it inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

Wind Damage

When wind blows over the edge of panels or shingles, it can create a partial vacuum that destabilizes them. Although wind damage is thought to occur during hurricane weather or tornado weather, it can also happen when winds reach a moderate intensity (roughly sixty miles an hour). Properly applied metal edge strips can prevent most types of wind damage.


All roofing materials gradually decline due to weathering. The rate of decline can be influenced by several factors, including:

Whether the materials are organic or inorganic
The presence of environmental pollutants
The presence of airborne salt
Temperature fluctuation

A roofing contractor can tell you what materials respond best to the city's humid subtropical climate.

Poor Design

Poor design is a major cause of premature commercial roof repair and replacement. This is why building owners should only hire contractors who provide a manufacturer's warranty-a warranty that insures the workmanship of the installation, not just the installed materials.

Flashing Damage

Flashings are used to prevent water from infiltrating the seams where the roof surface meets projections such as chimneys and steam pipes. Flashings are usually the first part of a roof system to experience decline, and should be closely monitored through regular maintenance.

Metal Edge Strip Damage

Metal edge strips and gravel stops in aggregate-surfaced systems are used to cap the edges of smooth surfaced roofs to protect against wind damage. Over time, the strips can experience broken joints and splits in the stripping felts at their edges. Raising the strips out of the water line, or providing an internal drainage system, can help prevent this damage.

Improper Mountings

When mountings are secured directly to the roof, penetrating its membrane, hard to repair leaks are the inevitable result. Unfortunately, many building owners install antennae, signs, and other rooftop projections without knowing this. If an improper mounting causes a problem, the mounting must typically be removed before the problem can be fixed.


The list above provides an overview of the most common reasons for commercial roof repair. If you need more information on maintenance, repair, or replacement in your area, contact a reputable roofing contractor today.

People far too often lack a proper concern for the roof that hangs over their head. Leaking roofs commonly create problems that appear to be on the surface but go much deeper than that. Signs such as stains or warping in the ceiling are often ignored and considered only a cosmetic issue. But, the reality is, a neglected leak can lead to much more serious damage due to water intrusion to the building's interior. Rotting wood can compromise the building's strength, foundation, and overall structure.

Leaks have a multitude of causes and often these causes can be traced back to poor workmanship or natural wear and tear from the elements. Whatever the case, there are many ways to prevent leaks and detect potential structural issues that could lead to them.

The first step is to take notice and garner proper concern. Just as with anything else around one's home or building a proper maintenance schedule should be incorporated.

For rooftops such a schedule is going to be determined by the region that a person lives. For one living in a sunnier region where the weather remains moderate throughout the seasons it's probably not necessary to check and repair a roof more than two or three times a year. A person living in an area with more irregular weather will need to create a schedule in accordance to the seasons. Particularly those regions in which stormy weather can cause the most potential damage.

A key thing to look for when conducting maintenance is weather damage. It is very important to check carefully for changes in the rooftop. Especially after particularly violent storms, a tumultuous rainy season or a long and/or cold winter. Shingles may be missing or damaged. Breaks and cracks are signs that there could be water damage from ice or snow. There is also a chance that heavy rainfall may have found its way past the defense of shingles.

One of the best ways to prevent water damage from roof leaks is to make sure that the overall structure has been built and maintained properly. Properly installed chimneys will prevent pooling of water, well insulated attics will reduce the amount of ice that forms on rooftops and a clean roof and clear gutters will also help prevent potential clusters of water that threaten a roof's structure.

If your roof has been damaged there are some quick solutions that will: 1) prevent further damage and: 2) save a lot of money. Patching is highly advised against because, in the long run, it can potentially cause more damage. A waterproof tarp would be a better short term solution. Quick, easy and affordable solutions can be found at the nearest hardware store or even in a web search. But the best way to repair a leaking roof and water damage is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Roof repair may seem like an easy task for a lot of people, but there is more to it than meets the eye. As a matter of fact, no one, even professionals, can give you an exact amount that you need in order to have a roof repair. But with proper knowledge, you will be able to set an amount close to the actual amount that you will be spending. This article will be showing you some of the things that you need to consider in order to determine the amount that you will most likely spend for your roof repair. Read on to learn more about it.

Roof Area - the area that your roof takes is 1.5 times more than the area that your floor area takes. For example, if you are living in a house with a floor area of 500 square feet, then you are looking at a roof area of 750 square feet. If you know the exact area of your roof, it will be much easier for you to come up with an estimate of the total costs, and will allow you to prepare the budget that you need for it.

Roof Slant - this is where the tricky part is. The problem with the slant of your roof is that there is no standard angle on how your roof should be slanted. A roof with a similar roof area may differ in the actual size of the roof simply because the other one is more slanted. Another reason why this will affect your overall costs is because roof repair contractors tend to charge higher for roof repairs.

Competition and Average Service Fee - the law of supply and demand also plays a great role in your task of estimating the costs for your repair. The more roof repair contractors there are in your area, the better chances you have at finding someone cheaper. This will not only help you reduce your costs, but will also ensure that you will receive the best service. This is due to the fact that these contractors will strive to give you their best service with hopes of marketing them as the best - word-of-mouth marketing.

These are the three things that you need to consider when trying to estimate the costs of the roof repair. Always remember that you need to be sure with your budget before you start your project, in order to avoid having problems with it in the future.

Despite what appears to be high demand for green roofs and green roofing products, there is quite a lack of change going on in America. Compared to other nations around the globe, America still lacks quite a bit of knowledge and motivation to make green roofing the new norm. With so many benefits the discrepancy between national markets is puzzling at best. However, some cultural and industrial differences may be able to shed some light on the gap.

Historical Differences

When we think of green roofing, many of us think solar panels. In fact, a truly "green roof" is one that is made up of vegetation and earth friendly materials. Homes in European and African countries have utilized green roofs for centuries. Made up of grass, flowers or clay, many of these historical homes have been using this roofing technology since the beginning. Perhaps the best thing about this type of roofing is its little need for improvement or modernization. This roof material is highly energy conserving and reduces the need for manufactured materials. Historical roofers had no idea that their limited materials would prove to be such a highly efficient roof, providing better insulation in cold months and reflecting heat in the winter months.

The United States has always lacked a sense of historical appreciation or preservation. Built for the purposes of advancement and growth, the U.S. has aimed to be the main developer of the "bigger and better". Armed with that mindset the pilgrims set to establish a new colony, one that would bring about advanced materials and way of life. Since the beginning, America has fought hard to carve itself a place in the industrial era and manufacturing businesses. With better tools came better manufacturing process, followed by better materials. From weapons to electronics to roofing products, the trends have all followed the same path. But are these advanced materials really "better"?

A Way Of Life

Besides the historical differences in societies around the globe are cultural differences. Those who grew up with green roofs have always known their benefits and rarely experienced anything else. Even in European and African countries where these roofs are common, many have been exposed to modern buildings with modern materials. While they may not debate the modern materials ability to perform their roof-ly duties, there is still the underlying sense of environmental responsibility.

In areas like America, many people never think twice about their carbon footprint or what they are doing to impact the environment. In fact, green roofing is still a very new concept to most Americans, one that is going to require much attention and nurture if it is ever to catch on. The good news is that, despite the fast paced and constantly advancing way of life, many Americans have been exposed to green roofing efforts already. Urban areas are becoming increasingly popular for roof gardens and farms, an idea that is catching the interest of many.

Roof snow removal is one of the priorities for houses and building in areas where it snows seasonally. The danger of letting it remain on top is accumulation which can lead to other things. When it accumulates in the topmost covering of the house, the additional weight might not be sustained by the structure and cause the covering to collapse. If there are people in the house when this happens, it can lead to injuries and even fatalities. People do not realize that this substance can be potentially heavy when it accumulates because it is frozen water. Another reason why roof snow removal is necessary is when it forms a dam in the gutter and blocks its function. When the gutters of a house are blocked with ice, melting snow cannot traverse here causing the water to seep into the shingles or whatever roofing material is used and enter the house. Heavy gutters full of ice can also fall on unsuspecting people and cause injuries or fatalities. If the ice is left to accumulate, it is also possible that the initial layer will melt and start seeping into the material causing water rot and damage.

Most homeowners do not have time or inclination to remove the accumulation while others fear for their safety. Many call professional roof snow removal services in order to help them. These professionals often have techniques and equipment that can efficiently get rid of the accumulations for safe living conditions. On the other hand, some home owners are willing to try their hand at cleaning up their houses. The following equipment and methods may work for them.

Equipment and Other Methods

A snow rake is one of the most common equipment used for removing the accumulation at the tops of houses. The method in using this is to actually go up on a ladder up to a level abreast with the gutter. There has to be some space between the ladder and the gutter to enable the blocks of ice or accumulated snowflakes to slide to the ground without incident. The idea is to slowly work the rake from the edge of the roofing structure up to the peak. The person has to heft the rake up to lodge a reasonable size of a block and pull it downwards. Most of these rakes have wheels on them to minimize the damaging impact on the roofing material of the domicile.

A slider is also another efficient solution to roof snow removal dilemmas. The basic premise of this tool is the use of a cutting edge with a vinyl strip connected to it. The person cleaning can stay on the ground which makes it ideally safe. He should lodge the edge of the cutter on the edge of the roof and then slowly move the slider on its wheels upwards, thus dislodging the blocks of accumulation. The tool has a long handle that is usually strong but flexible.

Another method is to expose the ice to steam or hot water. This is ideal for houses with attic or second floor windows that open directly at top. There is a degree of success for this technique because if there is too much of the element , it may melt and make it more difficult to remove.

Don't get me wrong, the new Volkswagen EOS is a terrific ride but in order to really stand out, you need to beef it up. Add some more functions to it, make it more usable and easier to operate the roof.

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Our need for electricity is increasing every day, solar power is becoming a suitable alternative to burning fossil fuels. The sun is extremely powerful, if we could collect all of this energy for a single day and store it in batteries it would be able to supply everyone in the world with enough electricity to last a whole year. This gives you a good idea just how powerful the sun is and why you should consider converting your home to run on solar power.

The sun will be there for a very long time to come, and so why shouldn't people take advantage of it and start using it for energy? It is completely renewable as it will never run out. Solar power is becoming more and more popular because it is continually being made more efficient. There are some important advantages that you should know about it before you decide whether it is right for you or not.

The use of alternative sources of energy is an effective way of stemming the tide of the ongoing global energy crisis. Advances in solar power have allowed the everyday homeowner to join the effort in making the planet cleaner and greener for eons to come. By installing solar roof tiles in homes, residents take a positive step to changing their planet for good.

While wind, nuclear, and hydroelectric power are other alternatives that can alleviate the dependence our society has on oil and other fossil fuels, none of those options are as cost effective, as safe or as practical as solar power. All of these alternatives are being explored on a corporate and large-scale basis; nuclear power plants, wind farms, and hydroelectric plants along with solar power plants. All require large acreage, and are costly to construct and maintain while barely putting a dent in the worlds energy consumption.

Homeowners can involve themselves in the drive to find green energy that can also offer them a slash in their electric bills. Residential solar paneling provides a chance to make a difference in a homeowners wallet and the planet.

Residential solar paneling consists of installing tiles made up of Photovoltaic Modules capable of harnessing the suns rays and producing electricity. The modules are made up of water based crystalline silicone material. The reaction of the modules from the heat of the sun creates a boiling effect that produces electricity. This material acts a semi-conductor in producing and transferring energy.

By installing the modules or cells to the roof of a home power can be transferred back to a regions electrical power supplier. Each module is wired together to form tiles or panels that make up a grid. This grid can be fitted to any space made available on the roof. The panels are then tied into a residences electrical service in the residence or to an energy providers transformer on the street level.

In fitting a home with solar panels a homeowner is providing an alternative source of energy that is as clean and efficient as it is cheap. With a single charge for installation solar panels continually pay for themselves over the life of your residence and beyond.

Homeowners incur a one-time cost for installation but are afforded a slashing of their energy bills. Electricity becomes cheap, clean and green. As conscientious as it is thrifty, installing Solar roof tiles provides a way for everyone to get involved with creating new, renewable sources of energy. In turn saving the planet one tile at a time.

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