Roof Repair is one of the most expensive areas having to do with home maintenance. It could be one of the simplest, also.

Initially, it is always most important to remember that prevention is as critical as the repair itself. A yearly venture to the attic can prevent extensive water damage or rotten wood due to faulty roof construction, damaged flashing, or worn or damaged roofing. Additionally, damage attributed to leaks or exposure to the elements usually is causes rot, mold, and other serious problems. Usually, these leaks start, as small, unnoticeable places that become more serious problems later if not seen and addressed quickly.

Upon entering the attic, look for signs of dampness, rot, or mold. The perfect time to do the observation can be during or just after a heavy rain. observe that the areas of wetness May not reside directly under the leak in the roof. Water can run several feet down rafters, joists, or pipes to totally different places. From the area where the water appears to collects, trace its path back upward until its entry point can be found.

The roof repair is very straightforward. Once located, the area can be fixed at once. Drive a large nail through the spot of the leak to enable you to find and repair it from the top of the roof.

Look around chimneys, vent pipes, and roof vents both from below the roof in the attic, and above it. Notice the flashing and see that it is in good shape, flat and smooth with no creases, bends or turned up places.

While on the roof, inspect any torn, damaged, or missing shingles. This should be done only if the roof design is such as to allow you to climb on it. Otherwise, if the roof construction is too steep or high, it is better to leave this job to a professional roof contractor or a company that specializes in Commercial Roof Repair.

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The shed roof design that you choose will have a major influence on the appearance of your shed. Take a few moments to review the five major styles to make sure that you end up with a shed roof that you feel comfortable with.

1. The simplest design is the mono pitch or pent roof

This type of roof is a gentle slope to encouraging rain-water to run off. When building a house extension this style is also known as a 'shed roof'. This type of roof is useful where the overall shed height is controlled by the local city council. A point to watch here is that the covering is waterproof for the low roof slope.

2. The gable roof is a style we are all familiar with.

This type of roof has a central ridge and equal slopes downwards either side of the ridge. Make sure with this design that the covering can cope with the roof slope. Clay tiles often need a minimum roof pitch of 35 degrees (8 in 12), asphalt tiles with underlayment about 18 degrees (4 in 12).

3. The Salt box roof is a popular style in the United States.

With this style the ridge line of the roof is displaced to about one third of the way back from the front wall and the roof will typically have equal slopes of 12 in 12 on each side. Watch out when this style is used on pre-made sheds, basic formula is often tampered with. making the shed look unbalanced and out of place.

4. The Gambrel or barn roof is often known as a colonial Dutch barn.

This type of shed has a central ridge, each side starts off sloping gently and then about midway along the roof the slopes increases steeply. The great thing with this type of shed is the extra head room at the eaves. The extra headroom can be benefited from in two ways:

For low wall sheds the whole shed has a light airy feel.

Using a higher sidewall the ground floor can be fully utilised and a loft space created above for additional storage.

5. The hipped roof style is often considered the most attractive.

The hipped roof is similar to the gable style but the ends of the roof slope up to the ridge rather than being a vertical face. The hipped ends reduce the visual bulk of the shed and are an attractive architectural feature. The hip roof style is often used on summerhouses where roof storage is not a strong requirement, they can be slightly more complex to build than the gable roof, but to my mind well worth it.

For more information and pictures of each shed roof design visit

John Coupe is a Professional Engineer who just happens to Love sheds. gives him an outlet to help people design and build their own shed.

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The concept of a roof garden is not a new one. In fact, it is centuries old!. If you live in an urban area, your dreams of having a garden may be difficult to achieve. Not so if you consider a roof garden!

More and more communities are encouraging their residents to plant roof gardens. The environmental and psychological benefits are numerous. Not only is gardening a calming and relaxing activity, which can reduce stress related illnesses, it also has great benefits for the environment. Building a rood garden on your home or apartment building decrease storm water runoff, reduce fire risks, help decrease heating and cooling costs and can protect your roof from the effects of ultra-violet light and frost.

There are three types of roof gardens and the three types related to the amount of maintenance they require, the depth of soil and the type of plants they will support. They are:

Extensive living roofs

These are easy to maintain and use little soil. Extensive living roofs are lightweight and lend themselves well for use on sheds, garages and small extensions. As they tend to be harsh environment, suitable plants are ones that are found on cliffs or other harsh environments. While this type of roofs gardens are the easiest to maintain, they also have the least visual appeal.

Semi-extensive living roofs

These garden roofs are more decorative as they have deeper soils which can support a greater variety of plants. However, the increased soil depth makes these types of roof garden more heavy, so a sound structure is require to support them. They combine the relatively low maintenance of extensive living roofs with a more appealing appearance.

Intensive living roofs

These are full-fledged gardens and require large and strong support structures.

One of the main considerations when planning a roof garden is the roof itself. While flat roofs lend themselves the best to roof gardens, it is also possible to green pitched, barreled and domed roofs. An easy access to the roof is also important as I am sure you would not be able to enjoy your roof garden as much if you have to climb a ladder every time you want to look at it. The roof must able be able to support heavy loads. Wet soil can weight about eighty pounds per square foot.

Make sure you install a waterproof membrane to avoid ending up with a wet ceiling. The two most commonly used materials are thermoplastic sheeting or rubberized asphalt. As I am certain that you will not want to dig up your garden to replace the membrane every few years, make sure you select a product that is extremely durable. The next layer should be a filter sheet that will allow the moisture to drain off the roof while ensure that the fine material do not escape. Next comes the moisture blanket which will ensure that an extensive live roof garden has enough moisture to support life. Commercial ones can be purchased however it is also possible to use cardboard or old blankets to the same effect.

The following layer will be a drainage layer. Similar to the moisture blanket, it will help retain moisture while allowing excess water to drain away. They are usually made of plastic or geotextile materials. The top layer will be the soils and substrates. These should be lightweight and freedraining yet retain moisture. One such option is an aggregates mixed with light sub-soild such as crushed porous brick or limestone chippings. Finally come the seeds and plants. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and the environment. Happy gardening!

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A new roof is a serious investment and no homeowner wants to wait too long to replace a worn out roof or replace a roof too soon. Here are some warning signs that a home's roof needs attention.

1. If your roof is a traditional shingle roof be wary of curling shingles or worse yet, missing shingles. Harsh weather can take a toll on roofing materials.

2. Your flashing should always be in good repair. Flashing (for the novice) is the metal or vinyl edging that runs along intersections, dormers, chimneys, vent pipes and edges of the roof. Flashings direct water toward gutters and downspouts. If you see tears or buckling along flashing call a roofing contractor to deal with problems right away.

3. If you have wood shingles or shakes mold can be a serious issue that leads to decay. Splitting and curling indicate the shingles have reached the limits of their life span.

4. Vents can become clogged by debris and damaged. Inspect them yearly and watch for curling or missing shingles. The same rules go for fireplaces.

5. Gutters, while not technically part of your roof, play an important role in it's health. Clogs prevent gutters from doing their job. In winter frozen debris and ice have the potential to pull them lose from the house.

If you notice any of these problems it may be time to give your roof a check up. Roofing is generally not a do-it-yourself project so call a reputable contractor. As with any service your home may need-check your contractor's references.

Visit our site to find out more about roofing Wilmington. Find tips and basic information to keep your home healthy. Find resources for roof Wilmington.

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A solid roof over your head brings comfort, safety and protection. When your roof isn’t secure, you don’t really feel secure yourself. Roofing repair, restoration and remodel can restore your sense of security in no time. Professional roofing contractors are at your service.

Residential roof repair for homeowners

Residential roofing gets families out of the cold. Whether you live in a newly built home or a charming vintage cottage, you could experience a leak in your roof. If you’re getting out buckets every time it rains, it is time for roofing repair. A qualified roofing contractor will asses and mend your roof with little or no hassle for you. With a new roof over your head, you’ll be happier and healthier.

Commercial roofing professionals

Good commercial roofing is essential. Keeping employees and customers comfortable is important when doing business. If you need commercial roof restoration, then a licensed roofing contractor is to your rescue. A contractor who specializes in roofing will be more qualified and skillful. Don’t leave it up to anyone but a trained and experienced professional.

Update the look of your home's exterior with a new roof

When you are thinking about a new roofing design, skilled roofing contractors should be the first you call. Perhaps you would like to update your home with elegant tile roofing. Or maybe you are interested in solar power and other energy saving roofing methods. Whatever your desire, a roofing contractor can help you get exactly what you want.

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A roof garden is any garden situated on the roof a building. A flat or gently sloped roof transformed into a landscape environment.

These are grown plants atop structure that started during ancient times, about 2,500-3,000 years ago in Rome and Mesopotamia. It became popular in the 19th century. Here are some benefits of Roof Garden:

• Very attractive & decorative
• It can provide food & other useful plants
• It helps in controlling environment temperature (reduce heat loss during winter & heat gain in summer)
• It is considered as architectural enhancement and
• For recreational opportunities
• It promotes biodiversity; valuable inner city habitat and feeding stations especially for insects and birds.
• It controls flood
• It creates usable space for people

Hydroponics, the use nutrients solution in growing plants instead of soil and other alternative means can expand roof gardening. Wanting a roof garden for less space, square foot and living walls gardening are advisable. These use less space than traditional gardening. The square roof method is when the garden space are divided into beds that are accessible, each is divided in one square foot where different seeds are planted in each space to avoid crowding and thinning of plants. It’s beneficial since there is much less to be done, it conserves water, and it’s pesticide-free and very accessible. The living walls gardening or vertical gardening as sometimes called is either freestanding or part of the building that is partially covered. This is considered as experimental and new concept in roof gardening. A variety of this are active walls that kept behind glass and with the aid of a fan, the air circulates. It best suits in the heart of the cities since available vertical surfaces are being used. We can simply say its urban gardening.

We have to consider the roof itself when building one. The roof should be flat and accessible. Wet soil can weigh more than eighty pounds per square foot; your roof must be able to support this weight. Peat moss can also be use to ensure there will be sufficient soil. Make sure that roofs are also waterproof. In order to keep up, climate should also be taken into consideration. Urban areas are mostly shaded while if it’s in direst sunlight, plants will be withered. Think of what kind of garden you want to have before choosing the plants. Lastly, Plastic pots are definitely lighter than clay pots. By using light materials, it will reduce the strain on your roof. Fences and screen or net lawn can be use to protect the plants.

One of the most famous roof gardens is Queen Semiramis’ Gardens nailed in Babylon, one of the original Seven Wonders of the World. It’s famously known as the hanging garden of Babylon. It was towered hundreds of feet into the air. It surpasses in splendor any city in the known world. It was built around 600 B.C. and was destroyed by several earthquakes after second century B.C.

Another beautiful roof garden is the Kensington Roof Garden in London. It is the largest roof garden in Europe – are accessible from Derry Street, through a doorway marked "99 Kensington High Street". The garden has a restaurant, nightclub, and are nailed in 30 meters above street level with a panoramic view over west London. It is not very known because this is not a tourist attraction but open to public as restaurant and nightclub.

Above these, roof gardening encourage environmentally responsible practices like eliminating pesticides, eliminating molecular biology and composting different material which is the best form of any of fertilization.

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If you're doing a home improvement job on your roof, there are certain things to look out for. Obviously, we want to create the maximum life for our roof, while keeping costs low. With a few tips, any home owner can keep a roof in tip-top shape with minimal investment.

Words of Wisdom with Skylights

Skylights are small windows in a roof that allows the sunlight to pour into the household. These can help save on both lighting costs and heating costs in some cases. But these advantages are double-edged: as skylights have been long associated with roofing problems.

Skylights are fairly expensive- even when installing them without the help of a contractor. They also tend to leak- causing more problems and possible damage to the interior of a home. To counteract possible damage, be sure to fit and seal the edges of the skylight to perfection. If you see several drops of water form from the skylight after the installation process, don't fret- condensation will commonly build up on skylights, even when no leaks are present.

Metal Shingles Vs Conventional Shingles:

There aren't many metal shingles on many personal homes. Instead, an organic alternative is used. Metal shingles don't degrade as easily as the organic material, but metal shingles cost more on average. Metal singles also do not have any traction- meaning that if any work needs to be done on a roof- make certain to be extremely careful. There are some forms of metal shingles that include grit or grooves to prevent slips and falls- but these are also expensive.

Metal shingles are more apparent on buildings. If you pay close attention, you'll notice that many buildings have metal alternatives. This goes to show that metal shingles are preferred for long roof life, but often the cost is too high for the average home owner to enjoy this alternative.

Concerns with Ice Damage:

Preventing ice damage can be tough, since the battle we are fighting is against water. When ice forms on a roof, heat from the house will melt part of the ice. This water will then trickle underneath the shingles in a roof, which then leaks into the attic.

To help prevent against ice and water damage, better insulation is needed. This will keep the attic cold, so the ice or snow doesn't melt. Some types of shingles are also created to be resistant to ice damage- and most types of metal shingles can withstand this foe with ease.

It might not seem like an urgent situation, but ice damage can actually be quite costly. The constant stream of water will seep into wood that supports the roof. Over time, this will weaken and degrade the wood. Eventually if this is left unattended to, the roof will become so weakened that it will collapse. Although this would take many years in most cases, even repairing partially damaged wood will set anyone back a pretty penny.

Final Thoughts on Roof Longevity:

Ensuring a roof will last a lifetime is important- as roofing jobs are fairly expensive. Be sure to follow the above tips to protect the investment that come with installing a proper roof. This ounce of prevention will be worth a pound of cure, as the saying goes- and it will end up saving a household possibly thousands in repairs.

Retractable awnings are great way to enjoy your deck or patio when the sun is beating down and no other structures or trees provide shade.

Retractable awnings are usually mounted to the wall or the roof overhang (aka. soffit).

Another - not so well know option - is to mount the awning on your roof. This necessary when there isn't enough clearance above your door or window.

A roof mount is very simple and straight forward. You will need special roof mount brackets. This should be an option when ordering you awning. Other than that it is very similar to a standard wall mount.

Make sure when you attach your roof brackets that lag bolt get a solid embedment into roof rafters, Just like you would normally find you wall studs.

Before mounting brackets to the roof use caulk around the holes, this is also know as back caulking. Don't use regular bathroom caulk. Use exterior caulk that can withstand the temperature changes.

Another consideration is: When you mount an awning onto your roof, get one with extra deep projection. You will "loose" some projection since it will be up on the roof and thereby recessed relative to you deck.

One more thought. In general a roof mounted awning will have to be motorized, since most likely you will not be able to reach the awning with a manual crank, this will make the awning more costly and you have to plan for the electric.

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A gabled garden shed is a great choice for your backyard. You might not have thought about the different roof shapes that are possible for your shed, but it is an important decision. You'll find that a gabled roof fits most people's needs.

A roof doesn't just keep a building dry, it also defines the look and function of the building. Changing the shape of a roof can redefine the whole look of your shed. Many people will want to match the shape of the house's roof, so if yours is gabled this is the obvious choice.

If you're not sure what a gabled roof looks like, it can help you to paint a picture in your mind. A gabled roof has a slope falling from the ridge of the roof to the end of the roof. If you were to look at the front of this roof it would resemble a triangle. Actually, this is an incredibly common sort of roof because it is very nice looking and incredibly practical.

Another reason to get a shed with a gabled roof is because it works great in the rain. Whereas some roofs are a hassle and can lead to rain build up, a gabled roof allows the rain to slide right off.

There are different styles of gabled roofs for you to choose from as well. You can have a side gabled roof, front gabled roof, or cross gabled roof. Of course, a cross gabled roof is most likely to be found on a house since it is a larger structure and can have different wings.

There are many different kinds of sheds out there and it can be hard to make your choice based on the different factors. Learning about the different roof shapes is a great way to make the right choice for you. It's often something that people neglect to consider when making a shed purchase, but that is a mistake since it's so important. While your shed should be functional, you should also make sure that it will look nice. A gabled roof gives a sleek look that won't disappoint. Remember, if your house's roof is gabled then you should get a matching roof for your shed.

A gabled garden shed serves two purposes. The first is to be a practical way to store your garden tools and backyard items. The second is to look nice and compliment the overall styling of your home. Pay attention to the roof shape and you'll be a lot happier with your purchase.

Take a look at some very practical Garden Sheds

Of all the insulating materials on the market today, polyurethane foam roof insulation has one of the highest R values. It is also very strong, rigid and convenient to have installed. With energy costs on the rise, now is the time to take a closer look at foam roof insulation. If you are worried that foam roof insulation will leave your home looking like an igloo or different in any way, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, because a building that is insulated with foam roof insulation looks no different from any other building.

For a mobile home in a sunny climate foam roof insulation can be a real money saver and make for mush more comfortable living. With foam roof insulation your unit will cool off quicker and stay cool longer and take far less energy to keep cool during the day. For light commercial or industrial buildings that are economically infeasible to air condition, foam roof insulation is a fantastic choice.

It stops the heat before it has a chance to get beyond the surface of the roof and this makes for a much cooler working environment which translates directly into productivity. For any type of livestock operation foam roof insulation works great to keep your animals cool and stress free on hot days and this translates directly into higher production no matter what you are raising.

Stopping heat at the roof means that your attic will no longer be blazing hot and it will stop functioning as a heat reservoir. Foam roof insulation is easily roofed over with a variety of roofing products including all types of shingles, asphalt layered roofing and sheet metal roofing. If you are thinking about getting a new roof put on soon, then now is the time to take a good look at foam roof insulation.

Written by Natalia Sloan. Find the more information on the latest Roof Insulation as well as Foam Roof Insulation.

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There are various rotating roof system but the one we are going to discuss is the rotating roof system for ventilation. The conservative rotating roof system used for ventilation work best when there is wind and when there is no wind the roof ventilation is ineffective but with the launch of Skydome MotaVent which is a high performance motorized, rotating roof system of ventilation.

It comes fitted with a quite but powerful 70W motor and the rotating roof system, Skydome MotaVent has the power to expel 250L of hot air from the cavity of the roof per second. The need of this rotating roof system is to reduce cost of cooling or air conditioning and acting as a passage for exhaust of the heat during the summer months.

The main advantages of rotating roof systems is that they dispel the heat or hot air that builds up in the roof cavity during the summer months when temperatures soar ,thereby minimizing the need of air conditioning. It also helps in faster cooling of the house or the building as the hot air increases the need to air conditioners to run longer to cool the area. With the hot being expelled, air conditioning becomes more effective requiring less energy consumption which directly reduces the cost.

The running cost comes to approximately 1 cent per hour which is much less than what you might have had to pay for the air conditioning to cool that place for one hour. The difference between a normal rotating roof system and a motorized rotating roof system for the purpose of ventilation is that a normal rotating roof system requires a breeze of at least 16kph while the motorized rotating roof system requires only electricity. Both the systems are eco friendly as no gases are emitted. The design developed by engineers at Skydome is pleasing to the eye very unobtrusive that is installed on the roof.

There is an extra provision of a ceiling which is used as an exhaust for hot air to go out. It can be closed during the winters for conserving the heat inside. There are many new innovative designs both motorized and normal rotating roof system that help in ventilation and reducing the need for cooling systems like air conditioning.

Anita Choudhary has been freelancing and writing for over 4 years and can be contacted at for any kind of writing assignments.

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Choosing a roofing contractor for your home is an important part of the process of getting a roof that is going to stand the test of time. Many people think that a roof is a roof and that it doesn't matter who you get to put it on your home, but this could not be further from the truth. You need someone who is experienced with putting quality roofs on homes so you have a roof that looks good and will hold up well over time. Choosing the right roofing contractor is just as important, if not more so, than the actual products that you choose to install.

The purpose of a roof is to protect the entire dwelling from the elements. If the roof is not put on your home properly rain and wind will be able to get into the home and will cause damage to wood word, dry wall, paint, and more. If a roof is not put on properly it can cause a lot of damage, more than it would have cost to put a roof on right the first time around.

When choosing a roofing contractor for your home, be sure that you shop around a bit. Don't just look for the best price, look for a contractor that will be able to bring experience, quality products, and quality labor into the project. It's better to pay a bit more for a roof that is done right than to end up paying for damages in the future when the faulty roof leaks. Do a bit of shopping around for the right contractor, ask questions about experience, insurance, bonding, and licensing as these are things that all legit roofers will be able to bring to the table when they are installing a roof on your home.

Written by Francesa Terrandas. Find the very best info on Washington DC Roofing Contractors as well as Bethesda Maryland Siding Contractors

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If you live in extreme cold climate and face a lot of snow in winter then ordinary metal roof is not the right choice for you. You need to think of something better than just a metal roof which is definitely the snow metal roofing. It is better to use snow metal roof because if you don’t you would most likely have to repair your roof in the middle of the winter which is if not impossible, a very difficult job to be done at that time.

Why Snow Metal Roof?

Contrary to the common misconception that the metal roofing is just the metal roofing, there are many kinds of the metal roofing which suit different climates and lifestyles. The snow metal roof is a thing that is to be used in the high-snowing areas.

Advantages of the Snow Metal Roofing

There are three main benefits which can be gained by installing the snow metal roof. The first one is that when it snow heavily, the snow starts piling up on the roof, and if it snows for a long time this can end up in a disastrous collapse of the roof. The snow metal roofing is constructed in such a manner that it can withstand the extreme weight of snow on the roof thus it prevents any accident that can occur otherwise.

The second advantage of the snow metal roof is that it bears such a shape that most of the snow slides down the roof before it can pile up and cause any damage. The material used in the manufacturing of the roof is a bit tougher than ordinary metal roofs.

The third advantage of the snow metal roofing is that it keeps the inside of the building warm in extreme cold conditions. Having this advantage, you can build roofs for yourself as well as for the animals if you have any. In the ordinary metal roof it is not possible to maintain the inner temperature of the building.

These advantages give a big edge to the snow metal roofing over the conventional metal roofing.

The snow metal roofs also have all the other benefits of the metal roofing and yet they hold the extra capability to survive in the extreme winter and snow. If you live in such an extreme weather, don’t take the risk of installing ordinary metal roof. Always choose snow metal roof and feel safe in the snow.

You can also find more info on install metal and residential metal. is a comprehensive resource to known about metal roofing.

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If you're planning on building your own shed, then you may want to browse through the selection of roofs that are available before you decide on your shed roof. The one you use will be an important factor in determining the look of your shed. It could also impact the amount of space you have, so you will find it is well worth the time and effort you put into planning your roof. When your planning a shed roof you can build any kind you want.

You can choose a gable roof for your shed. Gable is a classic style of roof that has two sloping sides that meet in the middle to make a ridge. They are the most common roofs used on sheds and are also the easiest to build. Then, of course, there is the Gambrel roof, if you know a barn roof then you are looking at a gambrel roof and is very similar to a gable roof. Each of these roofs has two panels with a break in between. A gambrel roof has a wonderful country barn look, which creates extra storage space.

There is also a salt box roof you can make, which is also similar to a gable roof, but only one side is short and steep while the other is longer and flatter. This kind of roof gives you more headroom and storage space, which always comes in handy. A hipped roof is a little more complex than the rest of the roofs. All four sides slope in like a pyramid and gives your shed a cottage style look.

So as you can see you have many choices in roofs and it will depend on what your needs are for storage and what you want to store. It will be worth the effort to check out the options you have when it comes to building a roof for your shed. It can also add much more room for things you need to store to get rid of the items around your home.

For more information on sheds and related topics visit The DIY Home Guide at

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When you choose to buy a custom gazebo kit, you are offered many options to complete the gazebo you have long been dreaming of. Do you want screens? Do you want windows? And more importantly, what kind of roof do you want for your gazebo?

You may want a double roof gazebo. A double roof will offer extra ventilation for your gazebo. It is really more of an aesthetic addition. From inside of the gazebo, it gives it more of a cathedral ceiling type of a look. When viewing the gazebo from the outside, the double roof offers a break in the roofline.

You may opt for what is called a regular, square, hip roof. It is called this because all four sides are pitched inward and all sides are equal. The peak of the roof is located exactly in the center of the building and this results in all four roof sides as having an equal slope.

You may want to construct a metal gazebo roof. The advantage of a metal roof is durability and they are lightweight. You can make metal to imitate the appearance of just about any other type of roofing. A metal roof gazebo will have a life expectancy of over thirty years. The downside is the cost. Metal roof gazebo will cost from $100-$600 per 100 square feet and the installation will cost more than a shingle roof as well.

A metal gazebo roof may be made of painted aluminum or steel. These are two of the most popular choices. Aluminum and steel are strong and they can be formed to look like a tile or slate roof. These can be very expensive.

The speed of installation is another factor to consider when you are thinking of a metal roof gazebo. You can often find a metal roof gazebo kit that will have everything you need in order to set up and enjoy your new gazebo in the shortest amount of time.

A metal roof gazebo will give you years of worry free use. You won’t find holes, cracks or loose shingles when you choose a metal roof gazebo. The ease of maintenance and years of wear and tear can definitely tip the balance in favor of the more expensive metal roof gazebo, as it will be much easier to care for and last much longer.

What is roof decking?

The roof deck is the section of the roof onto which everything else is placed. As such it needs to be strong enough to hold the weight and durable enough to cope with some give. Depending on the type of roof you are having installed you will need to decide on the type of roof decking you use and the roofing contractor you propose to use will be able to help you make the best decision on this. There are, though, essentially two different types of wooden roof decking. There is plywood roof decking or tongue and groove roof decking.

Selecting the correct for decking for the job.

As mentioned the type of roof decking you need will be dependent on the roof you intend to place over it. As a general rule, though, plywood roof decking is much more rigid but does not allow very much in the way of roof ventilation because it consists of solid pieces of wood with very little room for air to move in or out of the attic. If you intend to use plywood roof decking you will have to find a way to ensure that you are getting adequate roof ventilation or you should change the type of roof decking you intend to use because good roof ventilation is absolutely essential to the integrity of the whole of the roof and, therefore, the rest of your house.

The types of roof decking readily available.

Tongue and groove decking is often made of stronger wood than plywood and does allow for good ventilation systems as long as it is fitted by somebody who knows what they are doing. Tongue and groove roof decking should be fitted carefully and properly to ensure that it is strong enough to take the weight required when the job is completed. Again, the only way to ensure this happens is by using a qualified professional.

Seeking help selecting the best roof decking.

The roof decking you choose can have a strong influence on a number of further decisions you will need to make regarding your roof, and you will in particular need to consider the effect it will have on your proposed method of roof ventilation. Effective roof ventilation requires an intake or air into the attic and the expulsion of air from the attic so by picking solid roof decking you are essentially making this job a little harder. Consult with your roofing contractor and ask his or her advice to be sure that you are making an informed decision that will not make things more difficult in the future.

As Northern Virginia Roofing Contractors, takes great pride in maintaining customer satisfaction for all types of new roof installation and roof repair work for residential and commercial roofing accounts. Need home service articles? Find Local contractors in your area today.

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Types of Roofs

Has it come time to replace that old roof? If it is, you have a choice to make. You can go with a boring old shingle roof or you could upgrade to a more durable or more attractive roof. Lets discuss your options.

One popular choice for roof upgrades is slate. Slate makes for a very attractive roof that also offers excellent fire protection and a long life. There is just nothing like the look of a natural slate roof. It is a hard to install roof however and this does make it considerably more expensive than a standard asphalt shingle roof.

Another option is concrete tile roofs. With concrete tiles, you can get a variety of different looks. Concrete can be made in just about any style and color that you desire (including a slate look). It has much of the same benefits of slate in that it is very durable and provides excellent fire resistance. The drawbacks of a concrete roof are that it can be damaged by hail and requires an extensive roof structure due to the weight of the tile.

A third option is a metal roof. Metal roofs are extremely durable. They resist hail, wind and come in a great variety of styles and colors. Since most of the steel used to make a metal roof is recycled, they are also quite environmentally friendly. The drawback of a metal roof is that it is hard to install which makes it more expensive but it will last a very long time. It can also be loud in the rain. Some people love the sound of rain bouncing off a metal roof but you may not.

As you can see, you have a lot of choices when it comes to roofs. So before you just put up the standard asphalt shingle roof, take a little time to consider the other possibilities. It might just be the best improvement you ever make to your home.

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One of the toughest household chores is roof cleaning and not many people love to clean the roof as often as possible. Many opt to do it annually while for others it may have to be a monthly duty if the house is surrounded by a number of trees. This task may be cumbersome if you let the dirt accumulate over time. it is therefore advisable to clean the roof as often as one can to reduce on the many household chores.

If roof cleaning is not done as often as required one may find that they have more issues to deal with as drains may be clogged, there also may be some loose tiles here and there, and this would mean that one will put in more effort and even money maybe to call in a plumber to unclog the drains.

You do not have to clean the roof by yourself, especially if you are afraid of heights. There are roof cleaning contractors that would take away this dilemma from you and therefore saving you the hassle to climb the roof, which anyhow is not a very easy task. But if you are fit enough you should make sure that you have a ladder, a medical insurance(it is not necessary but it will save you some money if you have a medical cover incase of an accident).

Cleaning the roof however entails sweeping all the leaves on the roof, clean the drains, check and replace loose tiles and check any other thing that may cause damage to the roof or cause water seepage.

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Nothing can ruin your home like poor roof protection. Not only is it incredibly irritating to hear the wind blow the tiles on your roof up and down but it can also lead to wind and rain damage to your home and personal property. Foam roof insulation is the perfect solution to correcting this issue before it becomes a costly problem.

With foam roof insulation foam is sprayed straight in to the gaps between your tiles and correct the problem in a cost efficient way. This has been a proven method and is one of the best ways to prevent your tiles from lifting off of your roof in stormy weather.

One of the best factors about foam roof insulation is that it is basically maintenance free. Once the foam has been installed you will not be required to do anything. This foam is incredibly durable and has been known to last longer than many other types of popular roof coverings.

There are multiple reasons why foam roof insulation is such a common choice for people with the main one being that it costs much less roof repair, and takes a fraction of the time to install. Foam roof insulation is worry free work that is able to withstand winds up to two hundred and fifty miles per hour. This means that not even hurricane force winds are able to destroy foam roof insulation work.

Keep in mind that foam roof insulation is also four times stronger than fiberglass, so you can truly imagine just how strong is. This is one of the easiest ways to repair your home or business' roof without being forced to break the bank or settle for less. Foam roof insulation is not visible because it is applied to the underside of your homes tile to insure that it stays in place.

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Many residential and commercial property owners and leading architects, now a day’s trust in weatherproofing roof insulations, since weatherproofing roof insulations does safe electricity and saves money on electricity bills, deeming themselves as “energy efficient” roofs.

Weatherproofing roof insulations, causes the atmosphere below the ceiling to be pleasantly cooler than the outside temperature in the summer time and pleasantly warmer in the winter season. Thus this reduces the house’s frequency of using air condition and the frequency of using the heater system, saving electricity. Thus weatherproofing roof insulation provides energy saving benefits both to individuals and businesses alike. One such example is the low-slope roof market is the standing seam roof, which is installed under the metal roofing panels. You can start at the top, to reduce and hold your overhead costs. Installing a water-tight roof again has its own advantages, during winter storms and heavy rains, saving your from the so called phenomenon of leaky roofs or energy wasting roofs. Life cycle costing of your business is down 50%, when you install weatherproof roof insulations, by saving maintenance on AC’s and Heaters and energy costs.

Weatherproofed roof insulations, can increase the roof life up to 40 years with extremely little maintenance work, but do keep on routinely inspecting the roofs. Weatherproof roof insulations gives you a chance to plan ahead, since the savings originating from the roof can pay for the building itself, during the life cycle of the building. Installation and weatherproofing roof insulations, involve little or no effort, you can do it yourself or hire some body to do it for you, it does not take much time. Retrofitting after the roof has disintegrated or damaged costs more and will affect the life cycle of your building and the durability of the roof. Hence it is a good idea, while installing the roof insulation, you should weather proof it.

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Snow can be great fun for the kids when it comes to throwing snowballs and making snowmen. It can also be fun for all of the family when it comes to sledging or even skiing, but unfortunately it can also be a nuisance and it can restrict the way that people live their lives.

Snow can block everything and it can even be dangerous as it collects on roofs as it can fall on top of people and it could even turn to ice too which is extremely slippery. Fortunately there are things which can help and one of those things is designed for the snow on house roofs and it is known as a snow roof rake.

Using a Snow Roof Rake is Hard Work

It can be a very hard task indeed using a snow roof rake to get rid of the snow on the house or building roof. It is different than using it on the garden and it generally needs a lot more effort put into it. So, it is best to know exactly what you are letting yourself in for when it comes to buying a snow roof rake. If you have never done it before and you are not sure how to do it, try looking at someone else doing it first in order to get an idea of how it should be done.

Using the Snow Roof Rake Safely

When it comes to using the snow roof rake, it is important to use it safely and follow certain guidelines. It can be dangerous removing the snow off the roof and one thing that you should not do is climb onto the actual roof. The reason behind this is that it may be extremely slippery and this could lead to a fatal accident or at the very least broken bones. So, always make sure that you have a safe ladder to use and get someone to hold the bottom whilst you rake the roof. Also, make sure that no one is standing underneath the roof or standing anywhere where the snow can hit them.

What Are Snow Roof Rakes Made From?

Getting a good and reliable snow roof rake is very important when it comes to removing the snow from the roof. A good snow roof rake is one that is made from aluminium or a hard plastic and they are generally the best for this type of job.

So, it is a great idea to purchase a snow roof rake for those hazardous and snowy conditions to remove the snow off the roof. Just remember the safety pointers mentioned however as it can really be a dangerous task if you don’t know what you are doing.

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As we move into the heat of summer it’s a good time to make sure your roof is in good condition. Roof repair and restoration is one of those things that, left too late, can cost you a lot more than an insurance premium. Furthermore your roof can take up to 40% of the exterior of your home, a professional roof restoration will greatly improve the overall appearance of the home and it’s value.

Every roof is different and weather conditions around Australia vary dramatically, however there are some early signs that you should look for regardless of your geographic location. If you spot any of these signs then it’s probably a good time to call in the professionals to restore your roof.

Cement Tile Roofs

Cement Tile Roofs tend to last about 12- 15 years depending on a number of factors before they are in need of a roof restoration. A good way to see if your cement tile roof is in need of restoration is to look for any cracked, broken or chipped tiles and whether the ridge capping needs to be re-pointed. In addition you’ll want to look for colour fading or any moss, lichen and fungus on the roof.

The solution:

The Modern Group of Companies offers a 5-step process to the best looking roof on your street.

Step 1: Replace all broken and damaged tiles.
Step 2. Pressure clean all dirt, moss, lichen and fungus from the roof.
Step 3: Re-bed and Re-Point morter where necessary.
Step 4. Seal tiles by applying a sealer coat.
Step 5. Re-colour with the Moderns exclusive ‘Colour Shield’.

Terracotta Tile Roofs

Terracotta Tile Roofs tend to last about 12-15 years before it is in need of a terracotta tile maintenance package. A good way to check if your terracotta tile roof is in need of maintenance is to look for cracked or broken tiles and leaks from the roof.

The solution:

A Modern Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration involves a 33-point roof inspection which is used to determine which course of action to take when it comes to making your roof look and feel like new again.

All too often this important step is neglected and the result is coatings that peel, wash off and even fade away. At Modern we take pride in our work and ensure the job is done right, the first time, without the use of coatings or paint used in the market.

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