From the desert climates of Arizona to the frigid temperatures of New England, the standing seam metal roof is fast becoming a roofing standard. It has uprooted itself from its industrial ties to become an architectural element that makes a statement. Outside of its great looks, though, the benefits it brings to a homeowner are phenomenal.

A standing seam metal roof can be easily fabricated on a job site in just a matter of days but will last a lifetime. It is also available as a prefabricated material if you'd like to attempt it yourself. Outside of its relative installation ease, it brings along with it the incredible benefits that only metal roofing can offer you. Its virtual fireproof properties may allow it to be a lifesaving defense if you live in an area susceptible to wildfires. These roofs can usually be retrofitted over existing roofing materials as well, aiding in a quick install.

Further, its durability, strength, and long lasting nature provide you with little maintenance requirements. Metal roofs are known to last the life of the home as well, making it a onetime investment that you will never have to concern yourself with again.

The standing seam metal roof derives its name from the appearance it achieves once it's completed. Sheet metal is constructed in panels, then crimped and clipped together along a seam. This seam runs vertically from the roof's top, or ridge, to the eave, or bottom. The seam is raised as well, which not only adds for a visual effect, but one with technical properties. The ridges help direct water down during rain and snow storms instead of between the paneling, keeping your home watertight.

This is the general concept but there's also room for some creativity. A standing seam metal roof can come in various sizes and styles, whether prefabricated at a factory level or cut specifically on the job site with the help of portable equipment.

A standing seam metal roof is becoming a popular architectural choice as a display of contemporary style and clean lines. Home builders and homeowners alike love it because of its phenomenal characteristics and attributes that it can bring to a home.

Whether you're considering it because of its incredibly low maintenance, added resale value in the future, or its weather and fire resistant characteristics, it will reward you for years to come. Often, the only maintenance that is required is a new coat of paint every 20 years or so to make it look brand new. Be sure to visit our website to learn more about standing seam metal roofing.

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