All right, you just figured out you have zero ventilation in your roof. One way to tell that you have no ventilation is if you live in a snow belt and you had ice dams this year or any other year. Another sign of no roof ventilation is the asphalt shingle roof you have just does not last. It curls and gets brittle and cracks within a few years of having it installed. These are sure signs that either your ventilation is not working or that maybe you have no ventilation at all.

What can you do about it?

There are options. One of the options is to attempt to create an air passage by adding a combination of sofit and ridge or gable end vents. The idea is to get some convection going. Sometimes we see that there is no opportunity to make an airway, so this option might not work.

Another option might be to remove all of the insulation in the roof and replace it with one of the new, more efficient spray in place foam insulations that do not require roof ventilation. This can be a fairly costly fix. It depends on the access that you have to the insulation. Do you have to remove interior walls and ceilings to get to it? Sometimes, if you have an older house with boards for roof sheathing instead of plywood, this task can be completed from the outside of the house with less interruption for the home owner.

Depending on the elevations on the roof, a cold roof could be the best answer. If you have dormers and roof to sidewall areas, a cold roof may not work depending on the elevations. A cold roof is basically a roof that is built elevated above the existing roof. Depending on the situation, one can add additional insulation and ventilation very easily, or just ventilation, if that is all that is needed. It can be an economical solution to fixing a big problem.

If you're going to invest the resources to correct the ventilation in your home, why not consider the long term solution of a permanent metal roof? Call and set up an appointment for one of our roofing consultants to do a free ventilation analysis on your roof.

Our roofs are made of post-consumer recycled aluminum cans, they are energy star rated, and are eligible to qualify for a Federal tax credit in 2009. Yes, they do cost more than an asphalt roof, but, with the energy savings and the 100 year life cycle, they are worth considering. Mike Gonet is a Sr. Partner with Classic Metal Roofs, LLC, located in Massachusetts and serving all of Southern New England.
For information, call toll free 866-660-6668.
Classic Metal Roofs, LLC, is the exclusive dealer in Southern New England for Classic Metal Roofing Systems, Inc. of Ohio. Let our certified installation crews correct the ventilation in your roof and install a new metal roof on your home. Our installers are the employees of Classic Metal Roofs, LLC.
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