In Atlanta the need for a roof repair is typically a result of poor workmanship. It is amazing just how minor a hole from a removed nail can compromise your entire roof’s protection. The exposure created from a ‘bb’ sized hole in your roof can do a lot of damage to your home. There are many other situations that could result in the need for a roof repair or reroofing project: lack of maintenance, natural wear-and-tear, and random accidents.

A high quality roof can prevent unpredicted events from damaging your roof. In Atlanta for example, you cannot predict or prevent roof-damaging hail, lightning strikes, or hurricane force winds. You can help improve your roof’s chances of surviving such natural events by choosing a roofing company staffed by expert roofers who use quality materials. By hiring expert roofers that use quality materials, you lessen the chance an unpredictable event severely damaging your roof, which also helps mitigate the risk your home becomes a victim of water damage.

Finding a Roofer for an Atlanta Roof Repair:

Whether you need a new roof, or a roof repair, the best roofs start with the best roofer. If you're looking for a roofer in Atlanta, you should find a company with many years of roofing experience and a solid reputation built on their dependability, professionalism and perfectionism. Professional roofers will accurately assess and provide a proposal for your roof. They should be well versed in the most popular Atlanta roofing materials and specialize in custom or specialized installations to meet your specifications. A good roofer's expertise is not limited to any materials or design style. An expert roofer will also take the time to consult with you personally to determine your vision and preferences for your home’s roof.

Be Cautious of "Storm Chasers:"

There are lots of roof companies that can do more damage to your home than good. In Atlanta each spring there is a migration of “storm chasers” who come into town seeking to repair roofs with hail damage for a quick buck. They are in, they are out, and they are gone. They are very aggressive--you'll notice they will quickly blanket your neighborhood with flyers and leaflets. You should always be suspicious when a roofer from out of town comes knocking on your door, explaining to you that you have hail damage.

Georgia Roofing Credentials:

In Georgia, there are currently no state standards or laws regulating the roofing industry. There are no licensing requirements for roofers outside of filing for taxes, which increases the risk that unqualified roofers perform roof repairs. You should always verify your roofing contractor's experience and credentials, and not be afraid to ask for references! Consider asking for references from the last 5 - 10 roofs they have completed, or ask for references from your zip code.

Picking your Roof’s Materials:

Reliable roof repair contractors - Atlanta roofers should be experts in all types of roofing materials including asphalt, slate, tile, clay, concrete and various types of woods. No matter what your project style and budget, expert roofing estimators will work with your budget and aesthetic preferences to create a roof that protects and enhances the beauty of your home.

How to choose an Atlanta Roofer:

Your home is special--it's where you live your life and share memories with your loved ones--so why would you trust anyone but the best to repair your roof? To ensure you are working with the best Atlanta, GA roofer within your budget means you need to have enough information to make a wise decision. Before you hire a roofer, make sure you are well versed on common roofing problems in Atlanta.

In addition to beautiful roofing installations and timely roof repair service, good roofing companies will pride themselves on the professionalism of their roofing contractors. Too often, a job well done can be ruined by a contractor's unprofessional mannerisms. A roof is an essential investment in your home--you should feel fully comfortable with the company that you have decided to work with and the professionals responsible for your new roof.


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