In some states they do not let you collect the water from your rain gutters and roof, and then reuse it in your yard to water plants or the lawn. Their reasoning is they do not want bacteria, algae, and mosquitoes to breed in the water that you have collected. But if you are careful in how you do it this won't happen.

Further, many states are relaxing their rainwater collection rules for homeowners, as they know many homeowners are collecting the water anyway and they really have no way to enforce that. Plus, after years of severe droughts, well, those old laws really need to be taken off the books anyway.

You should check and make sure that the state that you live in allows you to collect rainwater from your rain gutters and roof. If it does, I recommend getting a couple of barrels and putting them below the downspout of your rain gutters. All you have to do is pull off one section at the bottom of your rain-gutters and place the barrel below it before a storm.

Then after the storm passes simply tilt the barrel a little bit and roll it out of the way and put a new barrel there, for the next storm. You can use this water, very easily if you put a small water tap at the bottom of the barrel with a garden hose attachment. Then take a small pressure washer and hook it up to the barrel and shoot the water anywhere you want it.

If you cover up the barrel once you've collected the water you could use that water in the summertime to water plants. This helps everyone with the drought and is especially good for those homeowners that are on wells. Please consider all this.


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