When it comes to replacing your roofing shingles there are many options available to a home owner. In fact the large number of choices can complicate the decision-making. Home owners are likely to decide based on a particular roofing shingles price. But this can end up becoming a costly decision if you go for the cheapest shingles. Cheap roof shingles won't last long and they will need replacement in a few years' time.

Going for more expensive but durable materials will cost more in the short-term but in the longer term this can work out cheaper. Take for example metal roofing shingles. These cost a lot of money but they last for 150 to 200 years. If you divide the cost of your roofing by the number of years they will last this will work to be very cheap or comparable to other roofing materials.

Composite roofing shingles are a popular choice but they don't last long. Made of different materials these shingles come in attractive colors, textures and patterns. But, some of the cheaper types don't last more than a couple of years. These types of shingles roofing should be avoided at all costs. Select good quality, durable shingles that will save you not only time but also money and effort in the long-term. Asphalt shingles are good choice when it comes to roofing shingles. They cost about $180 for hundred square feet of roofing.

Other popular choices for roofing are steel, copper, aluminum, roll, and laminated asphalt shingles. The last choice is fairly new and is priced very low. It's a green option and 3 bundles of these shingles will cover 100 square feet of roof.

Other factors to consider include where you live, the type of weather you have, the design of your home, your style and your budget. Hot weather all through the year will need shingles that help keep the home clean, colder climates will need shingles that retain warmth, places that have lot of strong winds will need shingles that won't fly away. Rain and wet weather can cause algae and moss growth so you need something that is moisture proof and so on.

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