Our need for electricity is increasing every day, solar power is becoming a suitable alternative to burning fossil fuels. The sun is extremely powerful, if we could collect all of this energy for a single day and store it in batteries it would be able to supply everyone in the world with enough electricity to last a whole year. This gives you a good idea just how powerful the sun is and why you should consider converting your home to run on solar power.

The sun will be there for a very long time to come, and so why shouldn't people take advantage of it and start using it for energy? It is completely renewable as it will never run out. Solar power is becoming more and more popular because it is continually being made more efficient. There are some important advantages that you should know about it before you decide whether it is right for you or not.

The use of alternative sources of energy is an effective way of stemming the tide of the ongoing global energy crisis. Advances in solar power have allowed the everyday homeowner to join the effort in making the planet cleaner and greener for eons to come. By installing solar roof tiles in homes, residents take a positive step to changing their planet for good.

While wind, nuclear, and hydroelectric power are other alternatives that can alleviate the dependence our society has on oil and other fossil fuels, none of those options are as cost effective, as safe or as practical as solar power. All of these alternatives are being explored on a corporate and large-scale basis; nuclear power plants, wind farms, and hydroelectric plants along with solar power plants. All require large acreage, and are costly to construct and maintain while barely putting a dent in the worlds energy consumption.

Homeowners can involve themselves in the drive to find green energy that can also offer them a slash in their electric bills. Residential solar paneling provides a chance to make a difference in a homeowners wallet and the planet.

Residential solar paneling consists of installing tiles made up of Photovoltaic Modules capable of harnessing the suns rays and producing electricity. The modules are made up of water based crystalline silicone material. The reaction of the modules from the heat of the sun creates a boiling effect that produces electricity. This material acts a semi-conductor in producing and transferring energy.

By installing the modules or cells to the roof of a home power can be transferred back to a regions electrical power supplier. Each module is wired together to form tiles or panels that make up a grid. This grid can be fitted to any space made available on the roof. The panels are then tied into a residences electrical service in the residence or to an energy providers transformer on the street level.

In fitting a home with solar panels a homeowner is providing an alternative source of energy that is as clean and efficient as it is cheap. With a single charge for installation solar panels continually pay for themselves over the life of your residence and beyond.

Homeowners incur a one-time cost for installation but are afforded a slashing of their energy bills. Electricity becomes cheap, clean and green. As conscientious as it is thrifty, installing Solar roof tiles provides a way for everyone to get involved with creating new, renewable sources of energy. In turn saving the planet one tile at a time.


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