If a ceiling has been damaged and it has brown stains on it, that means that it has been damaged by water leaking from the roof. It can cause mold to grow under the roof and on the ceiling, and you might not even see it until it gets worse or it can be hidden to the naked eye. A leaky ceiling can cause water to drip on the floor and on the carpet, which can ruin the carpet. In time, it can make it fall apart or stain, and it can cause mold to grow under the carpet, which can cause allergies. The mold that the leaky ceiling has caused can do damage to the health of the body.

It can cause the floorboards to become weak and warp. If your ceiling gets water damage to it, you will see a change in it like bowing and cracking. If there is bowing or cracking, you will have to replace the ceiling or parts of it depending on how big of an area the water damage has set into. Water damage can cause cave-ins or pieces of the ceiling to fall down everywhere. A leak can cost you hundreds of dollars in damages. You will know if you have a leaky roof because when it rains, water will be dripping down from it, and you can get a small flood in your house from it.

If it is not cleaned up, it can soak in the walls and in the cracks of the counter or the sinks, which can cause you an even bigger problem for your home and your health. It can make it dangerous for your family to live in because it can cause illnesses, sickness, and breathing problems like shortness of breath or asthma. When you have a leaky ceiling, the more it rains the more water will come through the ceiling and the more damage there will be. When you replace your ceiling, you might have to fix or replace the roof as well because it can happen again.

If you don't fix the roof, you will be wasting your money on the ceiling because you will have to replace it over and over due to the roof dripping water on it. Also the damage can be worse every time it happens because the damage has already set in, and it can rot the wood above the ceiling. When you own your own house, you need to have insurance for water damage and mold damage so if this should happen, you will be covered. But all homeowner's insurances are different so you have to make sure what you are covered for and if it covers all kinds of those damages.

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