What is a gambrel roof?

There are many wonderful and highly attractive styles of roof out there, but it is hard to beat the sheer beauty and drama of a quality gambrel roof. If you are looking for the perfect accent to a new or existing home, this great roofing style may be just what you have been looking for.

The dictionary definition of a gambrel roof is a two sided roof which has a double slope on each side. The lower slope of the roof will have a steeper pitch than the higher slope, making the gambrel roof one of the most beautiful and most dramatic accents for virtually any type of home.

Of course it is vital to shop around when you are shopping for a new roof or a replacement roof, whether that new roof is to be a gambrel roof, a gable roof or any other type of popular roofing style. For those building a new home, it is important to shop around carefully, and to read as many home, building and architectural magazines as you can. Reading as widely as possible is the best way to get a great feel for the various styles of roofs on the market.

Whether you end up deciding that a gambrel roof is the perfect choice for your home, or you decide to choose another style, it is important to shop around for the best quality and value in roofing materials. Those building or remodeling a house have a great many choices, from tile roofs, concrete roofing, metal roofing, rubber roofing, wood shingles and traditional shingles. It is important to consider the advantages and the disadvantages of each type of roofing material, and to choose the type of roofing that represents the best combination of quality and value.

The price of the roof you install is of course an important consideration, but the final decision should not be based solely on the cost of the roof. The quality of the roof is of course the most important consideration, and a roof that will need to be replaced after only a few years will not be a bargain in the long run. It is essential to consider the reputation of the manufacturer, the warranty period and the skill of the roofing contractor, no matter what style of roof you decide to buy.

There is no doubt that a gambrel roof can be a fantastic choice for the new homeowner, or for the home remodeled. Remodeling a home is a great way to enhance its value, and adding a beautiful and dramatic roof is one of those rare home improvement projects that can actually pay for itself through the increased value and livability of the home.

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