Commercial Roofing

Are you looking for roofing for your company? Maybe you are in need of repairs or a whole new roof? Well did you know that the materials you can use for roofing are not just limited to one type. There are quite a few different materials that can be used for commercial roofing; below I will write about the materials available:

The materials I am writing about are for weatherproofing, that it the outermost or topmost layer if the roof:


This is a type of roofing that has overlapping layers and is made from plant material

  • Straw - This straw if from wheat and is mainly used in parts of Europe especially France and England, often used on buildings of an older age adding a weathered, periodic look to the building.
  • Seagrass - This is used on places like Scotland where there are estuaries (usually around coastal areas). It is said that Seagrass has a life expectancy of over 60 years making it more hardwearing than Straw.

In North America these are known as Shakes, it is basically the generic name used for roofing materials that have a lot of sections that overlap, not really dependant on the materials nature.

  • Redceder - Lasting for about 30 years, this material is quite expensive considering the shorter life span.
  • Hardwood - Normally found in Australian architecture this material is extremely durable but mainly used just for restoration projects.
  • Slate - This is one of the most expensive materials you will find but also has one of the longest life spans of around 150 years. Due to its weight the structure it is used on must be very strong.


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