Renovating your house can be an expensive business both in monetary terms and in it's impact on the environment. The majority of our household waste ends up in landfill sites, even re-usable materials are often thrown out because there is no infrastructure to accommodate their recycling. Choosing Cast Iron Gutters as your rainwater solution is the greenest option to choose compared to materials such as aluminum and PVC and has many other benefits too.

Cast iron gutters are made from 97% recycled material and in turn are 100% recyclable. There are two options to choose when disposing of cast iron; taking it to a scrap metal merchant or taking it to a recycling plant where it can be melted down and turned into new cast iron products. It even has the approval of Greenpeace who recommend the material over alternatives as the ONLY green rainwater solution. Its impact on the environment is also reduced by its longevity.

Whereas aluminum is built to last only 30 years, and PVC unable to withstand any longer than approximately 15 years, the century-long lifespan of cast iron gutters and the little maintenance they require would make them more environmentally friendly even if they couldn't be recycled!

Cast Iron Gutters are also the only material to be recommended by both the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, and the Department of National Heritage as the most suitable material to maintain a building's aesthetic appearance, especially important if your building falls under conservation regulations or planning laws. The matte effect of cast iron allows the gutters to blend into the house whilst enhancing the traditional characteristics of the property. Glossy materials such as metal and plastics can stand out and look cheap.

Research by estate agents has found that compared to other types of rainwater gutters, cast iron has the effect of increasing the perceived value of the property. The large variety of profiles available means that you can match your gutters to the architectural style of the building, and as these change very little over time, if a section of the gutter needs replacing, a small piece can be replaced as opposed to replacing the whole system.

However, repairs are very unlikely due to the strength of the rainwater systems. It can easily withstand heavy snow fall and strong winds. It will not twist or crack as a result of temperature changes and it is a high impact material meaning that it can withstand accidental or intentional damage, making it ideal for inner cities and locations prone to vandalism. Because it can withstand high winds, its noise impact is reduced as it will not rattle or bang against the side of the building.

It also has sound deadening qualities which also reduces the amount of noise it causes such as dripping rain or flowing water. All of these factors make cast iron gutters the most aesthetically, acoustically, labour-efficient and cost effective form of guttering available on the market. The green qualities of the material over other types of rainwater systems make cast iron the only choice for those of us wanting to reduce our impact on the planet whilst adding to the value of our house.


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