As the weather is getting warmer more of us are finally able to rediscover our gardens and patios. The thing is though that after so many months of complaining about the cold and the gloominess, the moment the sun comes out we British love to start whining about how uncomfortably hot it is, and that it's too bright. The answer may well be patio roofs, although many people will probably shirk at the idea, since building canopies or roofs is often something considered second to an extension in terms of cost and inconvenience.

However this needn't be the case, and there's a viable alternative to timber or brick built patio extensions or covers, and it's in the form of fibreglass sheets. Now the other thing with this is that there will be some people who will tend to think back to the sort of fibreglass sheets used in lean-tos about 15 or 20 years ago. The truth though is that fibreglass manufacture has come on in leaps and bounds since then, maintaining and even improving the benefits always offered in terms of strength, durability and waterproofing, but added to this are a whole range of features such as colours, styles and shapes.

In fact many people may have noticed a fibreglass canopy and not even twigged the fact that it was fibreglass! But there are many very good reasons why, as the weather heats up, you'll find that those people with patio roofs and canopies made from fibreglass sheets are enjoying the summer a good deal more than others.

First of all of course it's important to appreciate that whilst we all enjoy the outdoors, and sitting outside in the warm sunlight during the summer is a pleasant way to spend your time, we do all have to be very conscious of the damage which the sun can cause. With skin cancer rates still climbing it's now the biggest killer in terms of this disease, and this is almost entirely due to sun damage. Patio roofs and canopies can help to significantly cut down on the UV radiation which causes skin damage, meaning that if you're conscious that you need to look after and protect your skin, or you have young children who enjoy playing outside, then fibreglass patio roofs serve as a very convenient barrier.

But it's also worth bearing in mind that there's no need to be completely in the shadow. The beauty of fibreglass sheets is that they are not entirely opaque, allowing some light and heat to pass through. Think of it a little as sun lotion or sunglasses - a barrier that doesn't stop you enjoying yourself, but keeps you safe and comfortable.

Of course the benefits of fibreglass patio canopies goes beyond this, and to start with there's the cost. If you're going to have a patio roof or canopy you could opt for a timber framed, tiled roof, which besides costing a good deal more and taking a great deal more time to erect, cuts out virtually all of the light. Fibreglass is cheap, quick and easy to install, and offers one of the easiest long term care packages there is.

With many roofs made from timber, metal, tile, canvas or felt roofing it is necessary to regularly treat, preserve, varnish, paint and repair it, possibly even replacing some sections every few years. Fibreglass is virtually indestructible, and needs only a quick wipe with a damp cloth once in a while to keep it looking in tip top condition. If you'd like to enjoy your summer without worrying about the heat, the UV damage, the cost or the inconvenience of other solutions, patio roofs made from fibreglass sheets could help you and your family enjoy the summer in both comfort and safety this year.


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