The roof is one of the most important parts of our house that saves us from the elements. It should have the capability to withstand the extreme conditions such as snow in the winters to the intense heat in the summers. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the strong roofing that is made using the sturdy and durable material that can take on anything with ease.

The raised seam roof has caught the imagination of large number of people in last few years because of their excellent strength and durability. This roof is installed using a special sliding clip mechanism. The lightweight panels that are used for constructing this roof are firmly fastened using the clips onto the roof over the metal edges. Proper weatherproofing is achieved by covering the joints using thin covers. The specially designed clip mechanism prevents any thermal dysfunction due to its excellent contraction and expansion capability.

Advantages of the raised seam roofing

Shingles or asphalt roofing was previously preferred by most of the people for their homes. However, in the recent years, raised seam roofing has gained immense popularity as its cost has decreased considerably and the protection that it provides has increased to a great extent due to advancement made in its construction material.

Raised seam roofing has numerous advantages. It is weather resistant, fire resistant, is lighter in weight than the traditional roofing, is easy to install and can be easily built according to the size of your roof. This temporary roof covering offers highest possible protection against the hails, winds and all types of fires.

These roofs have a long life

Raised seam roofing is quite agile and is unlikely to crack, rot or mould. Therefore, you can be sure that such roofing system will last more than 50 years. Another plus point with such temporary roof covering is that it is maintenance free and is very easy to clean.

These roofs are manufactured by using the recycled products and are great for our environment. You have virtually limitless options with such roofs and they are available in various metals such as stainless steel, aluminium and copper. Each of these metals has their own qualities, feel and look.

Raised seam roofs are stylish

One of the main advantages of the raised seam roofs is that they are very beautiful and stylish. They are available in various bright colours and designs and you can easily match the colour of your roof with that of your house.

Energy efficient

Raised seam roof also helps in increasing the energy efficiency of your house. They help you in using less energy thereby lowering your energy bills. Such roofs reflect about 65 % of the sun rays due to which less heat is generated inside the house. That means, you will spend less on your air conditioning.


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