Concrete Roof Tile Machinery

The production of concrete roof tiles in the world is growing constantly, the investment is not so big like to invest in a clay roof tile factory and also the advantages from a concrete roof tile are many.

Concrete roof tile machinery is a very profitable business if you plan to produce 3,000 pieces in 8 hours to 50,000 pieces in 8 hours.

An extruder is the key , because when you use a concrete extruder to produce your concrete roof tiles you will get roof tiles according to what that extruder can produce and also how many molds you can buy to produce your roof tiles.
There are extruders that can produce 15 tiles in one minute or extruders that can produce 30 tiles in one minute or 60 tiles in one minute up to 150 concrete roof tiles in one minute.

There are many secrets in the production of concrete roof tiles because what you can put in a concrete mass depends on the knowledge you can get by experience or having a technical advise.

We can help you to get the best counsel in how to have the best machines, we have ten years experience in this business and we like to help.

Concrete roof tiles are getting the international market, get ready, if you have a clay roof tile factory or a brick factory or any other construction material factory, concrete roof tiles is a good product to get in the production, because this product is the answer for many problems in the roof tile market.

Concrete roof tiles have unlimited choose for colors and have many types of surfaces available.
Concrete roof tiles can have many forms and can be created many new concrete roof tiles to have an exclusive style. And you can patent this new style so you will have the market.

We can say that the tile that is going to conquer the international market is concrete roof tile, because to produce it you need portland cement, good and pure water, and river sand with qualities that we need to check first.

Fernando Linares, is working in concrete roof tiles for ten years. Has worked in machinery for many industries like plastics, textile, metal production machinery, etc.

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