How to Coat a Roof

As everybody knows the roof is used to help keep our homes warm and dry. Due to this one must make sure that their roof is not prone to leaks of any nature. And if they are already leaking then one must be ready to spend both time and money on the costly repairs that will be needed.

The best option to take is a preventive one. Instead of waiting for your roof to need repairing why not stay on the defense and take care of your roof to prevent such a problem. Your roof should be inspected and coated with a sealant every four to five years.

One of the best roof coating products out there is named 'Roof It.' This coating can be painted directly over exhisting shingles for an easy coat job. This will not only seal and protect your roof but it will also help fill in small cracks and seal in areas that are missing shingles. Roof It is a polymer coating that dries into a rock hard compound enabling it to seal almost anything. Not only that but Roof It is incredibly resistant to extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains, high winds, and hail.

It is also:
environmentally friendly
based on water
and non-corrosive

Due to these properties Roof It also serves as a great anti-corrosive agent for metal roofs.

Finally Roof is/It also
Dries quickly in hot weather
100% flexible
Comes in one and five gallon increments
Covers 100 square feet


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