Raise The Roof!

So you’re up for a roof replacement? Have you made up your mind which material to use? In the first place do you have any idea that there are different roof types to choose from?

After being satisfied with how your contractor brought to reality your dream house and spending years living in it blissfully, the next thing that you must be observant about is the maintenance work in the succeeding years. Most of the time, we pay enough attention to the interiors-- blinds, throw pillow cases, carpets and wallpaper. We even have a timetable when a new paint job is needed or a new theme is needed for the bedroom and so the old ones must go. And the exterior? We pay special to it too. We see it everyday right?

The roof is a different matter. We don’t often see what’s wrong with it.

Most of us are guilty of neglecting roof replacement. And yet, this part of the house is very important as it shelters us from most of the weather conditions. Often, the roof is already leaking and rusting when we recognize the problem. But that can change if only we include it as part of our home maintenance.

Regular checking for leaks, cracks and rust are essential. These elements are hastened by bad weather conditions. Clean your roof often. Make sure that the gutters are free from dirt, fallen leaves and other interference. Do the cleaning before the rain comes. This way, rainwater will just flow freely and even help remove the debris from your residential roofing. Observe if your metal roofing is still in good condition by checking out for leaks when the rain is heaviest. Sometimes, leaks are not confined to one place. Check all the rooms and check for damages.

When replacement is necessary, it’s time to canvass for the right material. It’s a choice between asphalt shingles, wood shakes, clay tiles, steel panels and rubber look-alike slate.

The most popular residential roof material in the U.S. is the asphalt shingle. This type is the most affordable, come in solid and blended colors, and is made of durable material. Under normal circumstances, it can last for 20 to 30 years.

An upgraded version of the asphalt shingle is the architectural shingle. It looks “heavier” but gives a substantial look either in slate or wood shakes color.

Wood shingle roof ranks high in the looks department. If this is your top consideration, then go for it. This type has uniform thickness and smooth surface. Wood shakes on the other hand are thicker and rougher and it’s better to split rather than saw. Roofs made of wood are must be allowed to breathe so make sure that your contractor presents to you the different methods of getting air circulation behind the shingles. Wood shingles and shakes are bit expensive but almost requires no maintenance at all. Just use stainless nails.

Another roof replacement type is fake shakes. Because it is satisfy the strict fire codes, it is gaining popularity from all over. No maintenance is needed for this material.

Whether it’s metal roofing, wood shingles or shakes that you’re looking for as your next material, do your part. Ask around and explore and options.

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